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Your Criminal Record After Charges Are Dropped, Dismissed or You Are Found Not Guilty

I was told my charges were dropped. I was told my case was dismissed. I was told my case ended with withheld adjudication. I was told my criminal case was over... So why is my case still haunting me?

When criminal charges are dropped or dismissed, or you are found not guilty, yes — your criminal case is over. However, even when you are not convicted, your criminal history record still exists and will display a significant amount of negative information to the general public until you take action to get your record expunged or sealed.

At the Fort Lauderdale law office of Robert Serrone, P.A., we help adults and juveniles throughout Florida with obtaining a clean slate through record sealing and record expungement/expunction. Talk to Florida expunction attorney Robert Serrone about your case in a free consultation. Call 888-531-8969 or contact our law firm online.

Obtain a Clean Slate on Your Criminal Record

Your arrest record never fully goes away until you take proactive steps to remove it from the system through criminal record sealing or criminal record expungement/expunction.

Until your record is sealed or expunged, your criminal history record will be available through a simple background check and can reveal:

  • Records of your criminal arrest
  • Information regarding motions filed in your criminal case
  • Criminal charges filed against you
  • Plea agreements accepted in your criminal case
  • Pretrial diversion programs that you participated in
  • Disposition of your case (withheld adjudication, diversion, not guilty, etc.)

Once your records are sealed or expunged, you can legally say that the arrest never occurred — on job applications, college applications, loan applications, in candidate interviews, etc.

Fort Lauderdale Attorney Helping You Clear Your Record

At Robert Serrone, P.A., we can help you ensure potential employers and others can no longer see your prior arrest record. We believe you shouldn't be punished forever for a simple mistake made in the past. Call Florida expunction lawyer Robert Serrone at 888-531-8969 or contact our law firm online. Robert Serrone, P.A., helps clients in sealing and expunging criminal records in the Fort Lauderdale area, Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties, South Florida and throughout the entire state of Florida.

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